Thursday, 29 November 2007

Dr Dick van Steenis talks about potential health issues

Dr Dick van Steenis gave a very interesting and informative talk about the health effects of the emissions from incinerators.

His particular interest are the small particles called PM2.5, which are not regulated in the UK, but can be inhaled deep into the lungs.

The range of illnesses caused by inhaling PM2.5 particulates from waste burning include

  • Birth defects—terminations, live defects, miscarriages.

  • Premature deaths of babies, infants and adults

  • T-lymphocyte diversion to lungs with depletion causes SIDS, cot deaths, autism, MS, GBS

  • Attention deficit and other behaviour problems.

  • Lower IQ & educational achievement down 2 years, worse GCSE grades

  • Asthma, COPD, viral & bacterial respiratory & other infections (especially boys)

  • Coronary heart disease, heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, strokes, SADS.

  • Diabetes type 2, sometimes type 1 ---note trebling under current government

  • Multiple chemical sensitivity with allergies & arthritis

  • ME, CFS, Hypothyroidism with low T3 level (adding to obesity)

  • Endometriosis and other hormone disruption.

  • Clinical depression & suicides, apathy, which increases the obesity problem.

  • CANCERS—nonHodgkins lymphoma, brain, breast, colon, lung, prostate, kidney, liver etc

  • Breast cancer for example can be caused by faulty genes (2%), HRT (5%) radiation, OP

  • pesticides/herbicides, and from chimneys—cadmium, dioxins (& similar), & PA

The Chief Medical Officer wrote to doctors in January 2006 about the recent
trebling of gastroschisis birth defects, caused by dioxin exposure, proving that using hazardous waste fuel mixes even in alleged “state of the art” incinerators etc. is callous unsafe government policy.

Analysis of 9 health parameters in Telford by ward in 2005 revealed massive
increases in illnesses and standardised mortality rates in 7 polluted wards
compared with 24 less polluted wards.

An incinerator built in Colnbrook in 1990 caused Slough SMR to worsen from 88 to 121 by 2001 meaning 11 years lopped off lifespan.

335 references are available to those interested and peer-reviewed reports in medical journals. Those with internet can check and (under pollution at bottom of main page) for more details.

It is up to you to act or you will have the consequences imposed on you. The regulators normally just follow government diktat.

Compiled by Dr. Dick van Steenis MBBS who has reports in 4 peer-reviewed medical journals.


  • PM = Particulates measured in microns

  • PCT = Primary Care Trust

  • COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • EA = Environment Agency

  • IPPC = Integrated Pollution & Prevention Control

  • GMC = General Medical Council

  • USEPA = USA Environmental Protection Agency

  • PAH = Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons

  • ADHD = Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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